Thursday, October 13, 2011

Offshore on the West Setia

I have been on this rig for about 2 weeks now and have gotten into a dangerous routine. The saying on the ship is, “You eat until your tired, and you sleep until your hungry.” Something that will not be very good for my Everest Base Camp trek. To make matters worse, I had worked out too hard and temporarily hurt my knee, it feels like arthritus would feel but I will give it a rest and see how it is in a couple of days.

I now have 7 days left on my hitch and 6 days out here on the West Setia. I have done 4 jobs out here with a tool that I did not previously have a lot of experience. So it is good for learning and I am now by myself to do one last run in 2-3 days. I am excited to get home  and see Chelsea, see Matt in Nepal, and check Mt. Everest off the bucket list. On that note, Matt and I originally wanted to do the whole hike to the top of Mt. Everest, but seeing as 33% of people die on the mountain to conditions and things not their fault we decided against it… Everest Base Camp will do.

I have taken many pictures out here and I would love to share them with you. As you can see the living quarters are quite nice, there are a few TV rooms, and a Service engineer room that has two phones and two computers for calling home and checking emails. (Or writing blogs =) I unlucked out, and my bunk is the one in the upper left. The guy underneath of me told me a few days ago, that he says his prayers every night that I don’t fall through. LOL. That would not be good.

Only in Africa would they have Acid Bugs...

Mess Hall

My Room - Im in the upper left bunk.

Bathroom and lockers

Game room - mainly locals hang out here.

The Rig (in the middle) is what pays for the party.

Everything else is for support - lots of stuff is needed

The Helideck

This guy is going to have a long trip back to land.

View of the platform

Yes, I have to hike all those stairs 2-3 times a day! FML.

The bridge to cross from the floating West Setia to the rigid Tambula Landana Platform

The deck of the West Setia

The lifeboats, hopefully I wont see the inside of those.

I am sitting right were the guy in the red is sitting now.

Pilots - Please dont kill us.

Best picture showing the layout of the West Setia and TL Platform

Another view

Malongo - the main city/base of Chevron

We are in the middle of the jungle.

On land again.

The bridge to cross and the West Setia in the background

The flare at night, you can feel its heat 100yds away!

The bridge

The rig at night

Working out on the Helideck

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  1. Thank you for this post... I am assigned to the rig, will be there as soon as I get my work visa. It gave me a snapshot of what to expect when I get there.